How to Transfer Your Contacts From Gmail to Your iPhone

by Jennifer Leighton

iPhone owners who have a list of Gmail contacts they have previously accessed only by personal computer can easily transfer the contacts using Google Sync. Any Apple iPhone with an operating system of version 3.0 or above can initiate a transfer, and once the initial transfer is complete, all future contact updates are performed automatically. Gmail messages will be accessible by both iPhone and computer.


Access the "Settings" application from the iPhone home screen.


Touch the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option followed by "Add Account."


Touch "Microsoft Exchange," the first option in the menu that appears.


Skip the "Domain" field, leaving it blank.


Touch the "Username" field. Enter your full Gmail address in this field.


Touch the "Password" field. Enter your Gmail password in this area.


Touch "Next" in the upper right corner of the screen.


Enter this phrase into the "Server" field when it appears:

Touch "Next."


Touch the icon for "Contacts." The word "On" should appear next to Contacts. You may also choose to enable mail or calendar transfer at this time. Touch the "Mail" or "Calendar" icons beneath Contacts to transfer this information along with your contacts.

If you choose to import the only the Contacts list, you will be prompted to "Delete Existing Contacts." This, a necessary step when transferring only contacts, will delete any Gmail contacts currently in your iPhone, but will replace it with the full contact list from your Gmail account.


Wait for synchronization to start (it will begin automatically on an iPhone with the "Push" option enabled) or click "Synchronize" when prompted to do so. Google Sync will transfer your Gmail contacts to your iPhone at this point. Transfer time may vary depending on Internet access and the amount of information being transferred.

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