How to Transfer My BlackBerry Contacts to My Android

by Jason Spidle

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google that places a great deal of emphasis on cloud-based solutions for data storage. As such, the contact manager on Android draws all of its information from the Web-based Google contacts application that is built into Gmail and Google Voice. With the help of the Google Sync software, you can quickly transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your Google address book, making them immediately available on your Android phone.

Launch a Web browser and navigate to the Google Sync home page (see Resources).

Click the "Download" link for BlackBerry.

Enter your BlackBerry phone number and then click "Send a text message to your phone." You will need to complete the remaining steps using your BlackBerry device.

Open the text message containing the Google Sync installer and click "Get link" and then "Download." The Google Sync program will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Select the Google Sync icon on your BlackBerry home screen once the installation has completed.

Enter your Google account user name and password and then click "Log in."

Select "Options" and ensure that "Contacts" is set to enabled in the "Sync" section of the preferences dialog. You can also use Google Sync to sync your calendar to the Web-based Google Calendar used by Android phones, but if that feature is unneeded, be sure to deselect that option.

Click "Sync Now" to sync your BlackBerry contacts to Google Contacts. Once the sync is complete and your contacts have been transferred to Google Contacts, they will be available in your Android address book.

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