How to Transfer Audiobooks to an iPod

By Sophie Southern

Audiobook artwork won't be visible on the iPod Shuffle, because it doesn't have a screen.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

IPods come with an audiobook feature that you can use to transfer audiobooks from your computer or a CD to your iPod. As of March 2011, Apple manufactures four iPod models: the Classic, the Touch, the Nano and the Shuffle. All iPod models are compatible with audiobooks. You can use Apple's iTunes digital music software to import audiobooks to your iPod. If you don't have iTunes, you can download a free copy for Mac or Windows from Apple's website. Imported audiobooks will appear under the "Audiobooks" tab of your iPod's "Music" menu screen.

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer. Locate your digital audiobook files on your computer, then drag and drop to add them to your iTunes library. To drag and drop, click the file icon and, still holding the mouse, drag it to your iTunes application window. Hold the icon over your iTunes library and release your mouse when you see the green "+" sign.

Step 2

Transfer audiobooks on CD to iTunes on your computer by inserting the audiobook CD into your CD-ROM or DVD drive. Press the "Import" button when prompted by iTunes.

Step 3

Click the "Music" link to access your iTunes music library, located in the left column of the iTunes application window. Find your imported audiobook files and click the first track. Hold the "Shift" key, then click the last track to select your entire audiobook. You can use the "Option" key to select tracks that are not next to each other.

Step 4

Select "File" from the top menu bar, then select "Get Info." Under the "Genre" field, type "Audiobook." Add artwork to your audiobook by dragging and dropping the image file into the "Artwork" drop slot. Click the "Options" tab, then check the "Media Kind" box. Select "Audiobook" for the media kind, then click the "OK" button. Your audiobook tracks should now appear in your "Books" playlist.

Step 5

Plug your iPod into your computer using a USB cord. If you use the automatic management feature, click the device icon for your iPod to access the "Summary" window. Click the "Books" tab and check the "Sync Audiobooks" box. You can choose between syncing all of your audiobooks or individual audiobooks. Press the "Sync" button to add new content from your iTunes library, including your audiobooks, to your iPod. If you use the manual management feature, move on to the next step.

Step 6

Click the "Books" playlist in iTunes, located in the left column of the application window, under the "Library" heading. Click the icon for the audiobook you want to import and drag it to your iPod music library. Release your mouse when you see the green "+" sign. Your music library is the "Music" link, located under your iPod's device icon. Click the gray arrow to expand the view of your iPod's contents if you don't see the link to your music library. You do not need to sync your iPod if you use the manual management feature -- copying music adds it to your iPod music library.