How to Transcribe Lectures to Text With Software

by Joanne Cichetti
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Speech recognition allows your operation system to convert spoken words into written text. Microsoft Windows offers an internal driver, known as the Speech Recognition Engine, which recognizes words and converts them into text. You will need a microphone or another sound input device for recording the sound. Make sure the microphone is a high quality device with built-in noise filters, as the recognition rate of the software is directly related to the input quality.

Step 1

Go to “Start” menu and click “Run.”

Step 2

Type “control appwiz.cpl add new hardware” in the “Run” dialog box, and then hit the “Enter” key. You will now see the “Add or Remove Programs” window.

Step 3

Click “Microsoft Office”and then “Change.”

Step 4

Click on “Add or Remove Features” then “Next.”

Step 5

Double click on “Office Shared Features” found under “Features to Install.”

Step 6

Double click on “Alternative User Input.” Then click “Speech.”

Step 7

Click the “Down” arrow and select run from “My Computer.”

Step 8

Click “Update.”

Step 9

Open Microsoft Word to transcribe lectures to text.

Step 10

Click on “Speech” under the ”Tools” menu.

Start transcribing the lectures. As you dictate, MS Word will keep converting speech into text.


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