How to Track a Verizon Cell Phone's Current Location

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 12, 2017

There are many different free and paid options for tracking a Verizon cell phone’s current location. Successfully tracking a cell phone can be accomplished by choosing an option and configuring it on your device.

Track Current Location with Family Locator

You can track Verizon cell phones of all types with the Verizon Family Locator add-on. This add-on costs $9.99 per month as of 2017 and is compatible with up to 10 lines on a single Verizon account. You can track the current location of the cell phone with Family Locator by installing the Family Locator app on the device. The location can then be checked from your computer’s web browser or any Android or iPhone device.

The Family Locator app also has other features such as the ability to limit text message and data usage, which makes it a good option for parents who want to keep an eye on or limit their child’s phone use.

Track Current Location with Find My iPhone

Apple has a built-in iPhone tracking service called Find My iPhone. You can enable this app to track your phone’s current location by tapping the “Settings” icon, tapping your name and then going to the “iCloud” section and turning on “Find My iPhone.” Once the app is enabled, you can track your iPhone’s current location from any other iOS device or on any computer. You can use Find My iPhone to play sounds on silenced devices, lock the device or even erase all content from the device (if you think that it has been stolen).

Track Current Location with Android Location Tracking

Verizon Android phones can be tracked with a number of different GPS cell phone tracking apps currently available. Google’s official Find My Device app is free and allows you to track your Android phone from another Android device or through your web browser. You can track the current location of your phone with this app by first installing the app and following the setup prompts on-screen to successfully set things up. You can use this app to play a sound on silenced devices.

Third-party Android apps may offer additional features that Google’s Find My Device app does not. Options include Where’s My Droid, Pre Anti-Theft and GPS Tracking Pro.

Third-Party Options for Tracking Current Location

Although the built-in and official options for your Android or iPhone Verizon cell phone typically work quite well, you may choose not to use them. If this is the case then you can use a third-party GPS option to track a Verizon cell phone’s current location. Life360, ZoeMob Family Locator and KidControl GPS tracker are all free options that work on either Android or iPhone devices and will allow you to see the current GPS location of a cell phone.