How To Track a Verizon Cell Phone Number

By Fatima Farakh

Tracking Verizon cell phone numbers is possible through the Family Locator service.
i cell phone in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from

Verizon Wireless now offers a service called the Family Locator, which is designed for families to track each other's Verizon cell phones. Subscribers to Verizon can add this service to their phones to track other Verizon cell phone numbers. Verizon offers the Family Locator service to specific cell phone models with GPS devices. To use this service to track a Verizon cell phone number, you must be the actual owner of the cell phone number you are tracking.

Buy a Verizon Family Locator phone or search the Verizon website for phones that already have this capability.

Add the Family Locator service to your account. You must add this service to each phone you wish to locate. The current monthly rate for Verizon Family Locator is $9.99 per line.

Download the Family Locator Application for the Verizon phones you wish to track. Access the phone's "Media Center," click on "Browse and Download" and then click "Get New Application." Now select "Family Locator Member" and choose "Free - Subscription." Press "Yes" after the application finishes its download to run it.

Enable the Location Service on the Verizon phone you want to track after you have downloaded the Family Locator Application. From the phones menu, choose "Settings & Tools" and then click on "Phone Settings." Now select "Location" and then "Location On" and press "OK."

Log into the Family Locator website at Enter your Verizon User ID or phone number and password. Activate each phone you want to track by selecting the person's name from the web application interface and then clicking "Activate." After you press the "Activate" button, it can take up to five minutes for the web application to sync with the phone. Wait until you receive the message stating "Activation was Successful."

Add each Verizon cell phone owner's details, such as name and time zone. Press the "Locate" button to see the person on the web application's map according to address, or click "Bird's eye view" to track the person closely.