How to Track a TomTom GPS

By Krista Martin

TomTom Buddies allows you to track the location of another person's TomTom GPS device.
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If you are taking a road trip with a friend and want to locate your friend's TomTom, TomTom Buddies is a feature that will let you do this. TomTom Buddies is a free service that can be utilized between two or more TomTom users. All you have to do is enable the feature and add buddies, and you can track each other's movements as you are driving. You can also send text messages, maps and driving instructions.

Step 1

Press and hold the power button to power on the TomTom.

Step 2

Tap the arrow symbol twice.

Step 3

Select "TomTom Buddies" from the "TomTom PLUS Services."

Step 4

Tap "Invite New Buddy" to connect your GPS device to another. Enter the friend's email address and tap "Done." This will send the invitation to your friend. When it is received, your buddy will select "I Agree" or "Refuse" when he turns on his GPS.

Step 5

Click "Show Buddy On Map." A list of your current buddies will display. Select the buddy you want to view. You can tap "Update" to view your buddy's current location if the last position update was some time ago.