How to Track Satellite Phones

By Neal Litherland

Satellite phones are essentially mobile phones that can directly connect with a communications satellite rather than bothering with the usual cell phone networks. This makes these phones invaluable in places where there isn't regular cell phone coverage. However, these phones are still made with GPS chips so that they can be tracked by GPS satellite systems. If you find that you need to find a satellite phone, there are ways you can do it.

Find a tracking service via the Internet that will locate the satellite phone. Websites such as Satellite-GPS-Locator and The Mobile Tracker are two good places to start your search for a tracking service.

Type in the number for the satellite phone, as well as the country it's supposed to be located in. Then press "Enter" to search for the phone's location.

Review the results of the search. The service should give you an approximate location for where the satellite phone is located at the time of the search.