How to Track People Who Unliked a Page on Facebook

By Teddy Wilson

Tracking who unlikes your Facebook pages can create valuable information.
i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Facebook page “likes” are an excellent way to gauge a company’s or brand’s engagement with potential customers. To better understand how to market your Facebook page, you should track the demographics of who likes the page. You should also track to the demographics of who "unlikes" your page. However, unlike the data available for those that have liked you page, there is no data provided for those who have unliked your page. You will have to find that information yourself with a little record keeping.

Log On

Login to Facebook, and navigate to your Facebook page. Click “See All” on the Insights panel at the top of the page. Click “Likes” and then click “See Likes.”

Copying the Names

Click “See More” at the bottom of the frame as many times as need to bring up all the profiles of the people that have liked your page. Highlight all the names in the window with your mouse, and the copy all them to your clipboard by typing Control C.

Removing the HTML Format

Paste all of the names into a Notepad text document. This will remove all the html formatting and leave only the names. Open your spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, and title the first column with the date.

Extracting the Names

Select all of the names on the text documents by typing Control A, and then copy them to your clipboard by typing Control C. It may be necessary to remove any spaces between the names before copying them to the clipboard.

Filling the Spreadsheet

Paste all of the names into the first frame by typing Control V. Freeze the title of the column in place by selecting that frame and clicking “Freeze Frames” from the View menu. Sort the names from A to Z using the “Sort & Filter” options from the Home menu.


Repeat this process on the regular basis, adding the new set of names in the next column and comparing the names. This way you will have a record of who exactly is liking and unliking your page.