How to Track an Office Depot Package (5 Steps)

By Amy Dombrower

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Office Depot is a worldwide supplier of office supplies, electronics and furniture. You can buy products from a retail store or from the company’s website, When you place an online order, you will be sent a confirmation email detailing your payment information and an order number. While you await your delivery, you can track your package on the Office Depot website.

Step 1

Open your email account. Retrieve your confirmation email from your Office Depot purchase to find your order number.

Step 2

Log on the Office Depot website.

Step 3

On the top right, click the link to “Order Tracking.” You’ll also find the same link at the bottom of the page under “Customer Service.”

Step 4

On the “Order Tracking” page, enter your “Order Number.” Enter your phone number or Office Depot account number as well, but the order number is the only required information to track the package.

Step 5

Click “Submit.”