How to Track a Motorola Cell Phone

By Jim Skelter

Everyone loses his cell phone every now and again, and it can be a frustrating ordeal trying to find it. Fortunately, there are various options for tracking a lost or stolen cell phone. One way is by working with your Motorola cell phone provider using your phone's IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identification number, and another way is through using a GPS tracker.

Step 1

Check with your online GPS phone tracking service. Simply log in and the website will give you your phone location within 100 yards. This will only work if your Motorola plan includes GPS tracking and only if your phone is on.

Step 2

Call your Motorola service provider. Explain that your phone is lost and you need help finding it.

Step 3

Give Motorola your IMEI number. This is a number of between 16 and 17 digits that can be found on the battery of your phone. Hopefully you have it written down. If not, Motorola may still be able to assist you in identifying the IMEI, and from there, Motorola could track your phone using triangulation.