How to Track a Mobile Location

By Palmer Owyoung

Mobile phone tracking is easy with a GPS software.
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Mobile phones have become more than just a means of communication today. They serve as cameras, date books, mini computers and navigation and tracking devices. To track your mobile phone's location, all you will need is an Internet-enabled phone with a GPS software. Once the software is installed, your phone will send your location back to the application's servers, which will upload it to a website. This will allow you to share your location with anyone you choose.

Find a software application that will allow you to track the location of your mobile phone. Three that you might find useful are Glympse, AmazeGPS and Mologogo. As of 2010 these are all free to use.

Install Glympse. This application works with the iPhone, the Android and any Windows Mobile phone. After it is installed, click "Send Glympse," and select the person that you want to share your position with from your friends list. When you send a Glympse out to the receiver, the other person will get a link that he can click on in his web-enabled mobile phone or computer. This will allow him to track the movement of the phone on a map. You can set how long this Glympse is good for, from 30 minutes to permanently.

Download AmazeGPS. This will works with the majority of Internet-enabled phones. Once installed to your phone, you will need to add the AmazeGPS application to the Facebook account that you will use to track the phone. You can then share the location of the phone with anybody on Facebook that you choose. The phone's location will be displayed on a map when Facebook users click on the application in their Facebook account. If you don't use Facebook, then you can use the AmazeGPS application to send an SMS with a link to a map to anyone with a web-enabled mobile phone.

Get Mologogo. Once you have registered on the website, you can install it to your phone and open up the application. It will begin transmitting the location of the phone in real time. To track the phone, log onto the website and the longitude and latitude will be displayed along with the speed and direction of the phone. You can also share your location with your friends by either putting it on a website or having them download the application to their phones as well.