How to Track a Missing Phone

by Juderson Jean-Baptiste

As communication technology continues to proliferate, communication becomes more versatile. It is now possible to contact anyone worldwide. Cell phones allow you to be more versatile with where and when you call others. Losing your cell phone can be very detrimental since it is a vital method of communication. In some cases, advanced tracking software can installed to your cell phone in order to find it. Nevertheless, there are still some simpler things you can do track your lost cell phone.

Use a GPS tracking device. Some phones come with advanced GPS tracking technology. Log into the website of your phone's GPS service to find the approximate location of your phone. For example AT&T offers the FamilyMap feature, and Sprint and Verizon offer the Family Locator feature. These features allow you to conveniently track the current location of a family member's phone.

Send a text message with your name and contact information. Offer the individual who has your cell phone a reward or an incentive to return the cell phone back to you. If you do not have texting, use the Internet.

Contact your current phone service provider. Ask them if they have a method of tracking your phone. If your phone is currently active, the company may be able to find the closest tower where it has been pinged. If they cannot track your cell phone, ask them to suspend your service to prevent fraudulent charges.

Register your phone as missing. Enter your phone's serial number to track it if it has been found. If you are registering your phone online, avoid sharing sensitive information that might harm your privacy.

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