How to Track With GPS & Google Maps (10 Steps)

By Matthew Thomas

GPS tracking makes meeting up with friends much easier.
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With the invention of smart phones and global positioning systems, it is not difficult to locate the whereabouts of your friends and family at any given time. Google has created applications that allow you to find not only directions but people as well. These applications are constantly sending information about your location to Google so the best directions can be created from your location. With their Google Latitude application, you can see exactly where your friends are. Also for a small fee you can track the GPS signal of other cellular devices using AccuTracking.

Google Maps

Step 1

Register for a free Gmail account.

Step 2

Download Google Maps with Google Latitude to your cell phone.

Step 3

Invite friends or family to download Google Latitude to their cell phones.

Step 4

Activate Google Latitude on your cell phone. You will be able to track the locations of anyone you know connected to Google Latitude.


Step 1

Register for an account with AccuTracking. There are a few pricing options to choose from depending on your tracking needs.

Step 2

Download AccuTracking software to your cellular device.

Step 3

Log in to your AccuTracking account from your computer.

Step 4

Click "Generate Tracker ID" from the manage units page to choose the device you wish to be tracked.

Step 5

Open the AccuTracking application on your cell phone.

Step 6

Enter the AccuTracking ID into the prompt displayed on the cell phone. The program will begin to send information to AccuTracking within two minutes. That cellular device will now be monitored using GPS.