How to Track a Facebook Account

by John Mitchell

The staff members behind Facebook encourage you to report abuse and policy violations, so the company can better track abusive users. Examples of abusive content that Facebook wants to prevent include pornography, graphic violence, hate speech, cyber bullying, personal threats and fake profiles. To track a abusive Facebook account, go to the profile and report the violation directly from the offending page.


Log in to your Facebook account and go to the offending Facebook profile.


Scroll down the left side of the Facebook profile until you see the "Report/Block This Person" link. Click it.


Select one of the available options to report the individual. Those options include "My friend is annoying me," "This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake," "Inappropriate profile photo," "Inappropriate Wall post" and "My friend is harassing or bullying me."


Click the "Continue" button. Your report is sent immediately to Facebook, where a staff member tracks the account and reviews the reported violation.

About the Author

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