How to Track Children With GPS

by J. Johnson

Keeping track of where your children are at all times may seem like an impossible task for most parents. Even if your child is playing just outside your house, you won't always be able to watch closely from the kitchen window. Disaster can strike in the blink of an eye. For those parents who want to keep close track of where their children are at all times, they have the option of using devices with GPS technology. These devices track the children by satellite and give parents updates about where they are at any given time. (reference 1)

Find a GPS tracking device that will work best for your child. This may depend on the child's age and preferences. The devices that are available include GPS watches, items that are clipped or fastened to shoes, a backpack or a cell phone. (reference 3)

Contact your cell phone carrier if you choose to use the GPS technology available in cell phones to track your children. This option is usually suitable for preteens and teenagers because they most likely have a cell phone anyway. Cell phones have a GPS receiver built in, and you can track your child's location simply by calling the number. (reference 3)

Use a discreet device that can be clipped to a child's shoes or worn on their wrist. These devices are ideal for younger children because they have a distress button that can be pushed if the child is in any sort of danger. The signal goes out to you and several other trustworthy adults that you've programmed in to ensure that someone can get to the child and make sure they're safe. (reference 3)

Find a GPS watch with a tamper-proof latch if you have a younger child. A regular GPS watch can be used for an older child. The tamper-proof latch keeps your child or a person who's threatening their safety from removing the watch. Be aware that GPS watches frequently lose satellite reception indoors and are usually best for when your child is right in your neighborhood. (reference 1, 2)

Sign onto the website for the tracking device you chose to monitor where your child is. Most of these devices will give you access to an online program and some will send text messages and alerts about your child's current location. (reference 1, 2)

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