How to Track a Cell Phone Using A GPS

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Technology has come a long ways in just a few years. Just a few years ago, being able to track a cell phone number was a new technology. It is now possible to track a cell phone location with a simple GPS chip. Parents can track their children and make sure they are safe. Tracking a cell phone is also useful for recovering a stolen cell phone. Emergency services use cell phone tracking to locate their callers. Some government agencies use the technology for asset tracking. Most cell phones have a GPS chip pre-installed making it easy to track a cell phone.

Step 1

Download tracking software onto the cell phone using the cell phone's internet service.

Step 2

Install the tracking software onto a computer. The tracking software may be downloaded from the company's website or an installation CD may be purchased.

Step 3

Activate the GPS chip by follow the instructions given by the tracking software. A text message is sent to the cell phone once the GPS chip has been activated.

Track the cell phone using the tracking software on the computer. It will show a map with the location of the cell phone and is updated every 100 feet.


  • If a cell phone does not have a GPS chip, a local electronics dealer will install a GPS chip for a small fee.


  • It may be against the law to track a cell phone using a GPS without permission from the cell phone owner. Check with your state's privacy laws before installing the software on a phone that is not your own.

Items you will need

  • Cell phone with a GPS chip installed
  • Tracking software
  • Computer

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