How to Trace a Yahoo! Messenger Instant Message

by Ana Chandler

Sometimes Yahoo! Messenger is used for communicating with people you do not know. There is an effective way to determine where the person is located. When you send a file or enable a peer-to-peer connection, you are able view the IP address of the recipient. You will not find a name or address when tracing an IP address, but you can find a location and Internet Service Provider.


Open your command prompt by clicking "Start" and "Run" then typing "cmd" in the text box.


Using Yahoo!, send a file to or open a peer-to-peer connection with the person you want to trace.


Type "neststat -n" in the command prompt. A list of "Active Connections" will appear. The one that corresponds to Yahoo! (usually 80 or 81) will be the IP you want to trace.


Navigate to a website that traces IP addresses. (See References) Type in the IP address and you will receive information on where the person is located and their Internet Service Provider.


  • check If another Yahoo! user is harassing you, place them on ignore by bringing up the "Preferences" menu and adding them to the "Ignore List."


  • close Opening a peer-to-peer connection allows the other user to trace your IP address as well.

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