How to Trace Phone Calls With Boost Mobile

by Meaghan Ellis

There's always that one important number you just forget to save to your phone. Maybe you placed or received a call on your Boost Mobile phone, but either way you lost the number. Fortunately, with Boost Mobile phones you can easily trace calls by accessing the phone's call records online. Boost Mobile call records house an itemized list of all calls placed and received on the phone. Call records are also archived by month for organized accessibility. All you need is a Boost Mobile online account to access your call record information.

Step 1

Navigate to the official Boost Mobile website in your browser.

Step 2

Click the "My Account" hyperlink on the Boost Mobile website homepage.

Step 3

Go to the login text fields. Type the 10-digit mobile number associated with the Boost Mobile account you're trying to trace phone calls on.

Step 4

Enter the 4-digit Boost Mobile account PIN in the respective text field. Then click "Submit" to access your online Boost Mobile account.

Step 5

Click "Call Records" on your Boost Mobile account homepage.

Select the billing cycle month in which the calls were placed. All of the calls placed and received in that particular month will be displayed.


  • Missed calls cannot be tracked. If the call was not answered, it will not be processed in the Boost Mobile call register for your records. Boost Mobile call records only house calls that were successfully placed and received.


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