How to Trace Calls With No Numbers Shown on Mobile Phones

By LaTasha Rogers

If receiving calls from blocked phone numbers on your phone is an ongoing situation for you, then you know how annoying it can be. When you answer your cell phone without knowing who's on the other end, you can get stuck speaking with someone that you were trying to avoid. If you are thinking that changing your number is the only solution, you're wrong. Often times you can trace the blocked number to find out who is making the anonymous call. This way you can contact the person to let him know you've discovered who they are.

Ignore the incoming call from the unknown number; let the call go to your voice mail. The caller may identify himself in a voice mail message left on your cell phone. Some cell phones also read back the number from the unknown call if the caller hung up shortly after the voice mail picked up the call.

Dial "*69" from your cell phone to dial the last incoming phone number. Call your phone company to check that this code is accessible through its network. Explain your frustration if someone does answer from the unknown number. Let her know you are trying to identify the caller and would like her to stop calling from a blocked number. If you get a voice mail, listen to see if the person identifies herself on the recording.

Purchase a service to deny anonymous callers from calling your cell phone with a blocked number. Call your phone company to find out any options it has available and see if you can add a service to your phone bill. A blocked caller will hear a recorded message prompting him to make his phone number available in order to connect the call to your phone.