How to Trace Any Cell Phone for Free

By Chanel Adams

If you receive unknown calls, you can trace the phone's exact location. Many websites offer a reverse cell phone directory. By entering the number, you can find out for free the exact city and state that the number resides in. The reverse phone directory also gives you the telephone carrier that the person is using. To find out the person or company's name and street address, you have to pay a one-time fee.

Use a reverse phone search website. Examples include Reverse Phone Detective, Free Phone Tracer and Reverse Phone Directory (see Resources).

Enter the person's phone number in the format needed by the site. Some websites require you to add dashes, while others want you to leave out spaces.

Click the "Search" button. Wait for the page results to load. Read the results of the location and carrier of that number.

Click "View Full Report" or a similar button to find out the person's name or address. Pay with a credit card or debit card. As of 2010, Phone Detective costs $14.95, Free Phone Tracer costs $9.99 and Reverse Phone Directory costs $4.99.