How to Trace a Blogspot Owner

By Nicole Vulcan

You may have to get creative to find a Blogspot owner.
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if you've found a great blog on Blogspot and want to engage with the owner, you may run into some stumbling blocks if the owner of the blog didn't make it easy for you to find him. If the owner didn't provide his contact information, Blogger will not share it with you. If you're not having any luck tracing the owner from the information the owner provided in the body of the blog, try a few other things to connect with him.

Comment on the blog's most recent posts, asking the owner to contact you. Provide an email or Web address where the the owner can contact you.

Look for information about the owner in her profile page. Blogspot bloggers often have an "About" widget in the sidebar of their page, which links to the Blogger profile page. Click on the heading that reads "View My Complete Profile" to view the Blogger profile. Look on the sidebar of the profile page, or in the body of the profile, for any contact information such as an email address. Some Blogger users also have a "Contact" link somewhere on the page, where you can send the person an email. You may not see the email address you are sending the email to, but you may get lucky and get a response from the owner.

Perform a search for information on the blog from the Google "Advanced Blog Search" page. Enter the URL of the blog in the "at this URL" box, and enter keywords, such as "owner," into the "By Author" section, then click "Search Blogs" to search within Google Blogs for any information about the owner.

Type the name of the blog into an Internet search engine to find out any information about the blog that's posted outside of the blog itself. If the blog owner has been mentioned on other sites or in newspapers or magazines, that information may come up in a search.