My Toshiba Laptop USB Ports Won't Work

by Robert Ceville

Even though USB ports on Toshiba laptops provide a great deal of interfacing capabilities, they tend to sometimes stop working. This usually is caused by some form of driver error. It is possible to go into Device Manager in Windows and check the current functionality of the USB ports for troubleshooting purposes. You can even uninstall the USB ports from the Device Manager, too. With the right instruction, you can have your USB ports working again in very little time.

Go to "Start," right-click on "My Computer," and select "Properties."

Choose "Device Manager" from the listed options on the left-panel of the properties screen. You will have to allow access for the Device Manager to be opened by clicking "Continue."

Double-click on "Universal Serial Bus Controllers," and see if there are any warning indications beside any of the USB devices and ports. You can tell these indicators by either their yellow "?," or by their yellow "!."

Right-click on the USB ports that have warning indicators, and click "Uninstall." You will have to give confirmation that you want to proceed with the process by clicking "Continue."

Restart you computer by going to "Start," "Shut down," and "Restart."

Wait for Windows to reinstall the drivers for your USB ports automatically after booting up. Windows will recognize the connected USB ports with no software installed on them, and re-configure them for you.

Go back into Device Manager and check to see that there are no more warning indicators next to your USB ports. Your USB ports should be ready to use.


  • close Uninstalling the Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager may require device driver re-installation as well for proper configuration and functionality.

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