Toshiba Laptop Boot Problems

By Trey Trawick

Like any brand, Toshiba Laptops can experience boot problems. There are many solutions to consider before returning it or taking it in for repairs. There are options available to backup personal files and restore the computer. Toshiba laptops have a standard one-year limited warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. This will restore the computer to the factory default.



The source of the problem needs to be identified. If the computer will not turn on at all, it is most likely a battery issue. If it is able to show the BIOS screen (black and white text or the Tobishia logo), but turns off afterward, then the problem is probably in the hard drive. If it shows the Microsoft Windows loading screen, but powers off during this, then the problem is in the Operating System.


If there is a problem with the battery, plug in the computer and power it on. If this works, then the battery needs to be replaced. If this does not work, replace the power cord. If neither solution fixes the problem, then contact Toshiba support to further troubleshoot the problem.

Hard Drive

If the problem is in the hard drive, listen closely for a ticking sound emitting from the computer. This means that the hard drive is nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Take the computer to a repair shop and ask for the files to be duplicated to a new hard drive.

Operating System

Blue screen of death error.

If there is a problem with the operating system, try booting in "safe mode". When the computer is first turned on, press the F8 key twice to enter a command menu. Use the arrow keys to select "safe mode". If the computer is able to boot normally, run a disk defragment program. Try rebooting normally, if this does not work, return to safe mode, and back up personal files and reinstall the operating system from the disk.


hard disk

The Toshiba warranty does not ensure the recovery of files. If the computer needs to be returned, make sure to back up any personal files. To do so, the hard drive can be manually removed and inserted into another computer. From there, the files can be duplicated. If this is not an option, bring the computer to a repair shop. The price to backup and restore the laptop will be based on the extent of the damage.