Toshiba DVR620 Instructions

by MickeyV

The Toshiba DVR620 is a combination video player that allows owners to play either VHS cassette tapes or DVDs using the machine. The video player also comes with the ability to transfer your old VHS films onto blank DVDs using the system's combination interface. The Toshiba DVD620 is perfect for individuals with large VHS collections who do not want to purchase their movies again on DVD.

Place a VHS cassette into the machine and press the "Play" button to play the film. Place a DVD into the DVD drive of the machine and press "Play" to play a DVD. Do not put both in at the same time if you intend to simply play a movie. Press the "Open" button to open the DVD disc tray to place the DVD inside and press the "Close" button to close the tray.

Press the "Stop" button on the front of the machine to stop playback. Press the double-arrowed icons next to the "Play" button to fast forward or rewind. The "Fast Forward" button is the arrows pointing right, while the "Rewind" button is the arrows pointing left. Press the "Skip" button only while playing a DVD to skip a scene.

Place a VHS tape and a blank DVD into the system at the same time if you would like to make a copy of the VHS on a DVD. Press the "Record" button to initiate the transfer process. The process should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, depending on the length of the film.