My Toshiba Satellite Cannot Connect to a Wireless Network

By Justen Everage

Fixing wireless connection issues on a Toshiba Satellite.
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Wireless connection issues can be frustrating on any laptop. The Toshiba Satellite has a helpful program -- the Toshiba Wireless Manager -- to eliminate some of that frustration. Connecting to a wireless network using the built-in wireless adapter on a Toshiba Satellite may require making some initial changes to the Satellite's settings. These changes can be made using the Toshiba Wireless Manager. As with all wireless networking, the settings of the laptop must match the settings of the network.

Download the current wireless adapter drivers from the Toshiba downloads page. These drivers must be installed to use the wireless adapter built into the Satellite laptop. The drivers come factory installed, but if wireless connections cannot be made, they are likely to be missing, damaged or outdated. The driver download comes with the Toshiba Wireless Manager program, which is useful in connecting to wireless networks. Click "Save" to begin the download, and "Run" when finished to install the software.

Check the settings of the wireless network with which you want to connect. For Linksys and other common wireless routers, these settings can be accessed by typing the IP address "" into an Internet browser. If a local connection cannot be made on the Toshiba Satellite, use another computer with wireless capabilities or connect to the router with an Ethernet cable. Find the wireless settings in the router's menu, and see what type of wireless security the network uses. Also, take note of the network name and password.

Open the Toshiba Wireless Manager on the Satellite and select "Scan for wireless networks." If the name of the wireless network is listed, select it and choose "connect." Enter the security type and password from the router's settings and click "Ok." Open an Internet browser to test the connection. If the satellite connects to the local wireless network, but still cannot reach the Internet, then the problem is likely in the router. Verify that the router's Ethernet cable is plugged into the modem securely, as they have a tendency to become loose.