My Toshiba Laptop Built-in Mic Won't Work

By Greyson Ferguson

Fix the microphone problem on your laptop computer.
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Most Toshibal laptops now come with a built-in webcam and microphone. These allow you to video chat and conference with other individuals, without installing additional hardware on the system. However, if the internal laptop microphone is not working properly, you have a driver problem (as there is no connection issue and the laptop is automatically set to use the built-in microphone). To correct the problem you need to reinstall the laptop's mic driver.

Open the Internet browser and navigate to "" Once the website loads select "Services and Support," then check "Consumer Product Support."

Click "Laptops, Multimedia Notebooks and Accessories" followed by "Product Support."

Select "Laptop" and select the model Toshiba you are using, followed by the model number. Click "Go" to view all of the available features on the laptop. Click "Downloads," choose the operating system you are running on the computer. Select "Driver" in the box to the right. Click the driver next to the "Driver Sound"option (if there are multiple "Driver Sound" options choose the most recent driver post as this is the most up-to-date). This downloads the microphone driver directly to the computer.

Double-click the downloaded driver to load its installation wizard. Accept the license agreement, then click "Next" for both the installation name and location. Select "Install" and the drivers install directly onto the computer. Restart the Toshiba laptop and the microphone begins to work once again.