Top 10 Fastest Dial Up ISP

By Karen Kramer

A dial-up Internet provider can get you connected online.
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In the online world, speed is everything, however high-speed broadband connections are not available in all locations. Dial-up connections may be your only option. The speed of your dial-up connection depends on a number of factors, including your modem speed and the quality of your phone lines. Most dial-up providers will offer up to 56kbs download speed, while others will offer accelerated speeds up to the equivalent of 3G networks.


Netzero is the number one rated dial-up service. They offer both an "unlimited" service and an "accelerated" service. Current 2010 prices range from free to $14.95. Accelerated service may be up to 5X faster than a standard dial-up connection.

Sign up online at or call 1-888-349-0029.

AOL Dial-up

America Online was one of the first companies to offer dial-up Internet connections. Under the name, MasterLine, AOL offered a limited online subscription service back in 1984. Today, AOL offers a variety of online connection services, including three levels of dial-up services.

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People PC

The People PC advantage is not it's price or speed, but rather, the "parental control" feature, which allows parents to restrict and monitor their child's Internet access. Plans can be purchased monthly, every five months or yearly.

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Although Earthlink offers a free Accelerator and 24/7 Customer Support, the monthly price is higher than some of the equivalent accelerated services.

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Turbo USA

Turbo USA offers accelerated dial-up at a low monthly cost. Their upgraded Turbo Premium includes 2GB of online storage and a "call alert" feature for $4.00 more than the standard service.

Sign up at or call 1-800-918-8726.


Juno offers prices and services similar to its sister company Netzero. They offer a standard dial-up service with an accelerated upgrade.

Sign up at Juno at or 1-800-TRY-JUNO.

Dialup 4 Less

Dialup 4 Less offers three levels of service beginning with a limited-use standard dial-up. You will need to sign-up for their highest plan to receive accelerated service.

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Copper offers two dial-up connection plans, one standard and one accelerated.

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Local Net

Local Net now has an accelerated plan that is up to 10X faster than standard dial-up service. Since 1994, Local Net has offered reliable internet service with free customer support.

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Your Local Service

One of the best ways to find fast, reliable accelerated dial-up services is to check your local area. Often a local service can offer Internet services at a discounted price.