TomTom Won't Update

by Joshua Phillips

You can update TomTom, a GPS device for your car, through your PC's Internet connection. By doing this, you receive the latest improvements to the device as well as any route fixes or updated maps. If you encounter difficulties updating your TomTom, you have several ways you can troubleshoot this issue.


Download and install "TomTom HOME" if you don't already have this program (see Resources). This is the TomTom program for Windows or Mac that will apply the updates from your computer to your TomTom GPS unit.


Download the latest MyTomTom support application (see Resources). Follow all prompts to install the MyTomTom support application to your computer.


Turn your TomTom off before connecting it to the computer. Only turn it on once you have connected it to your computer.


Unplug and replug the TomTom USB cable into the device and the USB port on your computer. Verify that you have all connections secure.


Examine your firewall settings to verify that your firewall is not blocking access to the TomTom Home program. Consult your firewall's documentation to determine how you can allow access to specific programs. Blocked access will stop you from being able to download TomTom files from the Internet to your computer.

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