T-Mobile Phones for Blind People

By Jason Prader

Cellphones can be adapted to suit visually impaired users.
i NA/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

T-Mobile is an international mobile communications company that provide cellphone services for customers in several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Holland, Slovakia and Poland. T-Mobile also has around 34 million customers in the U.S. and the Virgin Islands. T-Mobile offer a range of cellphone services including broadband access, video conferencing and phones designed for use by people with visual impairments.


T-Mobile stocks a range of phones which have an embossed dot on the "5" key. This enables those with poor eyesight to navigate around the keypad by using that key as a guiding point. T-Mobile also provide phones that make a distinct tone when a specific key is pressed, allowing users to distinguish between sounds rather than looking at the keypad.

Ringtones and Voice Activation

Some T-Mobile phones allow you to choose different ringtones for different callers. This means blind or visually impaired users will know who is calling before they answer, allowing them to receive or ignore the call as desired. T-Mobile also provide phones with voice-activated calling, meaning blind people can activate calls to friends and family without having to navigate the keypad.

Screen Display

Large-screen displays are a feature of many T-Mobile phones and are intended to help users with limited vision view text messages and incoming calls. T-Mobile cellphones for the blind and visually impaired also come equipped with back-lit keypads, meaning keys are much more visible to customers with sight problems, especially at night. Some phones also allow users to tailor the font size and contrast levels to suit their level of visual impairment.

Battery Indicator

Many cellphones only have a visual indicator to show battery life is running low. T-Mobile phones for the visually impaired provide phones with clear, audible indicators to alert uses when they need to recharge their phones. This is especially important as users with poor eyesight often have the brightness turned up to the maximum setting, which tends to lessen battery life.