How to Title a Blog

by Contributor

Titling your blog is important because you want it to catch the reader's attention and catch the search engines' attention, too. A play on words is an effective tool in titling a blog, but if you're too clever, you may hurt your blog's placement in search engine results. Keywords also are important, but don't bog down your blog title with too many; the title could become too long and tiresome, turning off some readers.


Pick a headline that is catchy and grabs the reader's eye. Title your blog such that it makes the reader curious, encouraging him to read further.


Choose a title that indicates the specific content of your blog. Blog titles act as a description of your content in RSS and search results. A headline must be descriptive and informative.


Keep your blog title short -- about three to eight words. Usually, readers only scan the first three or four words in a headline, so if your blog title is short but summarizes your content, your blog has a higher chance of being read.


Incorporate keywords to drive traffic to your blog. Think about how people will search for a topic. For example, if you're blog is about the topic "making money online," consider including all three of those words in the title.