Tips on Hiding Surveillance Cameras at Home in Your Yard

By George N. Root III

Surveillance cameras can help protect your home and family.
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When setting up home security, surveillance cameras in your yard help you to see criminals before they enter your home. In 2010, there were 2,923,430 household burglaries reported in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Justice website. Using surveillance cameras in your yard can give you an advantage over criminals and ensure that no one gets away with violating your family's safety.

Low-level Cameras

One of the keys to a good surveillance system is the ability to see the criminals' faces to assist in legal prosecution. But when criminals look for surveillance cameras in your yard, they look up at your home or in the surrounding trees. By using smaller cameras hidden in fake stones or placed in darker parts of your garden, you can get a clear view of the criminals without them even knowing that you have a camera.

Landscape Lights

Criminals are looking for devices that look like surveillance cameras when they enter your yard. Surveillance cameras placed around your yard that look like landscaping lights may never even get a second look from criminals trying to break into your home. Install small surveillance cameras in landscape lighting casings, and point them at any angle of your backyard where you need a good view.

Patio Decorations

Hanging patio lanterns, electric patio light fixtures, and even large wind chimes can be places to hide yard surveillance cameras. With wind chimes, use large, decorative hangers to place the wind chimes close to your patio. In the base of the wind chime hanger is where you can hide your camera. Patio lanterns and lighting fixtures are inconspicuous and, when turned off as they would be when a criminal approaches, can act as a well-hidden place to put a surveillance camera.


One of the ways to successfully hide surveillance cameras in your backyard is to convince criminals that they can see all of your cameras. Install decoy cameras at various points around your yard that have a blinking red light to give the impression that they are live surveillance devices. Criminals will spend their time trying to avoid or damage the decoys while your hidden cameras record the entire crime.