Timex T300b Instructions

by Roger Mock

The Timex T300B is a digital clock radio with a built-in nature-sounds feature. The device features the ability to set a variety of alarms, including a radio alarm, a nature-sounds alarm and a buzzer alarm, as well as four preset nature-sound buttons. The radio includes both FM and AM tuners.


Press the "Time/Calendar" button once to set the clock's time and date. The clock's digits will flash. Press the "Hour/Month" button to set the hour. Press the "Minute/Date" button to set the minutes. Press the "Time/Calendar" button again to set the date. Press the "Hour/Month" button to set the month, then press the "Minute/Date" button to set the date. Press the "Time/Calendar" button once more to finalize the time and date.


Remove the back battery compartment door and installing three AAA batteries. The batteries will ensure that the device continues to work in the event of a power outage.


Press the "On/Sleep" button until the current time appears. Press the "AM/FM/Sounds" button until the frequency you want is displayed on the bottom left side of the display. Press the "Up" or "Down" tuning buttons to navigate through the stations. Press and hold the "Up" or "Down" tuning buttons to scan for a station. Once you have selected a station, press the "Memory Set" button and use the "Up" or "Down" preset buttons to select a preset number. Press the "Memory Set" button a second time to save the station as a preset.


Press the "AM/FM/Sounds" button until the Sounds indicator is displayed. Select the nature sound that you want: Wind, Forest, Brook or Ocean.


Press the "Alarm Set" button until the type of alarm you want is indicated. The options are Radio, Nature Sounds and Buzzer. For Radio, you will need to press the "AM/FM/Sounds" button and select the radio station from your presets. For Nature Sounds, press the button for the sound you want. Press the "Hour/Month" button to select the hour, then press the "Minute/Date" button to select the minute. Press "Alarm Set" to finalize the alarm. To turn on the specific alarm, press the corresponding alarm button: Buzzer, Nature Sounds or Radio.


Press the "On/Sleep" until the amount of time you want to pass before the device sleeps is displayed. With sleep mode set, you can play AM, FM radio or nature sounds while trying to sleep.

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