Time Warner Cable and Help Retrieving Voice Mail

by Alexis Rohlin

Time Warner Cable voice mail is a digital automated system that you can set up to record, store and play back messages. You can retrieve your voice mail from your home phone or away from home. Voice mail works like an answering machine, letting you record a greeting message and listen to messages sent by callers. Unlike answering machines, if you accidentally erase a message on your voice mail that you wanted to keep, you can retrieve it.

TWC Voice Mail

Voice mail for your phone is included in the Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service and doesn't require you to purchase additional equipment or an answering machine. You can purchase Time Warner Cable voice mail services for an additional $4 a month if you don't already have it. You can access your voice mail and retrieve your messages by dialing your phone number or "*98" on your home phone.

Home Phone Retreiving

Pick up your phone and listen to the dial tone. If you hear a "beep-beep-beep" stutter in the dial tone it means that you have a voice mail message. Dial your home phone number, including area code, and wait for your voice mail to answer. Listen to the voice mail automated system to hear the number of messages you have. Press "1" to listen to your messages.

Other Phone Retrieving

Pick up any touch-tone phone. Dial your home phone number, including area code. Let it ring and go into the voice mail system. The voice mail system will greet you. Press the "*" key on the phone. The voice mail will inform you on the number of messages you have. Press "1" to listen to them.

Voice Mail Number Retrieving

Pick up a touch-tone phone. Dial the voice mail access number that was included in your digital home phone welcome kit to reach the voice mail system. Dial your home phone number with area code. Press the "#" key. The voice mail will inform you on the number of messages you have. Press "1" to listen to them.

Retrieving Deleted Voicemail

If you accidentally erase or delete a voice mail, press "*7" if you're still in the playback mode of the voice mail. If you have returned to the main voice mail menu after deleting a message, press "1." You will listen to your messages and then hear your deleted messages. Once you listen to the deleted message, press "#" to recover and save it.

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