Time Warner TV Remote Control Instructions

By Andrew Smith

Time Warner TV Remote Control Instructions
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The Time Warner remote that controls your cable box is also usable with different television sets. Programming the remote to the TV lets you alternate between controlling the cable box and television set without needing multiple remotes. All Time Warner Cable remotes can be programmed to one TV, and the remotes can be reprogrammed if you ever purchase a new TV set. Searching for the TV code on the Time Warner remote programs the remote correctly regardless of the TV's model or brand.

Turn the TV set on.

Press "TV" at the top of the Time Warner remote. The button blinks one time.

Hold the "Setup" key down on the remote until the "TV" button blinks twice. Then, release "Setup."

Type the programming code "9-9-1" via the remote's number pad.

Aim the Time Warner remote at the television set. Press the "PWR" key on the remote one time.

Press "CH+" on the remote repeatedly while pointing the remote at the TV. Continue doing this, potentially for several minutes. Stop pressing "CH+" as soon as the television set turns off.

Press the "Setup" key on the Time Warner remote. The code is stored. Test the remote by pressing the number, volume and channel keys. Begin again at Step 2 if the remote doesn't control the TV.