Thunderbird Email Settings for Time Warner Cable

By Tara Kimball

Thunderbird, a Mozilla email application, is a freeware alternative to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or other email programs. Although Time Warner provides a Web-based email management tool, adding your email address to an application like Thunderbird allows you to store email and track your contacts on your own computer. You can avoid server space restrictions for storage by pulling emails from the server into your email profile in Thunderbird.

Add Account

Add a new email account in your Thunderbird application by clicking "Edit" in the upper menu bar. Click the "Account Settings" option. At the bottom of the window, choose "Add Account." Select the "Email" radio button, then enter your name and Time Warner email address. Thunderbird requires the POP3 and SMTP server information and username for Time Warner's mail accounts.

Incoming Mail Server

Incoming mail servers are essentially the post office routing for your email. Incoming POP mail servers store your incoming email messages until you retrieve them. The server setting varies based on your service provider through the Time Warner network. The incoming email server naming convention is "," where you replace "server" with the domain in your email address. For example, if your email address is, your incoming mail server is ""

Outgoing Mail Server

The outbound mail server is the SMTP server, and it uses the same naming format as the incoming mail server. The outgoing mail server for Time Warner's Road Runner service is "," where you replace "server" with your email domain. For example, if your mail account is, your outgoing mail server is ""


Thunderbird does not save your email account password by default. Enter your Time Warner email password when prompted during an email send and receive. Click the check box to store the account password in the password vault if you want to. Storing the password reduces the security of your email messages.