How to Do a Three-Way Call On a Verizon Cell-Phone

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Three-way calling is a convenient feature that's available for most home telephone services. A three-way call is a way to add a third party to a telephone conversation. You can initiate a three-way call at any time during a regular telephone call. Use the new cell phones, such as the Motorola Droid X MB810 and the LG Revolution VS910, to make a three-way call by using a "call merge" function. Verizon customers who have a cell phone with the "call merge" or three-way calling feature can make a three-way call using their wireless service.

Motorola Droid X MB810

Step 1

Navigate to the home screen on your Motorola Droid X MB810. Touch the phone dialer located on the lower left side of the screen. Enter the 10-digit telephone number or choose a number from your contacts. Touch the phone symbol on the screen to call the number.

Step 2

Touch "add call" after you have selected the first telephone number. Enter the telephone number to dial or select the number from your contacts list. Touch the phone symbol to call the number.

Touch the "merge calls" to merge the two separate telephone calls into a three-way conversation.


  • A three-way call continues until one of the parties disconnects.


  • You can initiate a "merged" or three-way call after someone calls you by touching the "add call" function and dialing the number of the person you want to call.


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