How to Get Third Party Maps for Your GPS Navigation System

by Contributor

Updating your maps for your GPS navigation system from time to time may sound time-consuming and costly. But really all you need is an Internet connection to get third party maps for your GPS navigation system. Third party maps, or "free maps," are always downloadable from the Net.

Look for a Web site that offers free maps using an Internet search engine. Type in keywords that are relative to the sort of maps you desire, as well as the make and model of your GPS system.

Choose from the Web site's gallery of their free downloadable versions of the map software. Most often, these Web sites offer demos and trial downloads, as well as maps for purchase.

Make sure to read all the necessary information about the map software available on the Web site. Know each of their memory needs, important features and bonus features.

Pick out the software that you think can best assist you in traveling. Make sure that the software you have chosen is perfectly compatible with your navigation system.

Click the Download button and start downloading.


  • check The free downloadable maps are normally the latest version release of their respective manufacturers. Given that this is the case, expect that they have the latest innovations such as aerial photography and topographical maps
  • check Free downloadable maps come in varying types for varying purposes. Search and download for the most functional software that would serve your needs or interests.


  • close Be wary of certain limitations of GPS technology. For instance, you won't have a clear, definitive view of the maps on your receiver unless you are in an area that allows easy and undisrupted signal transmission.