Things You Can Do With an Old Laptop Motherboard

By Daniel Foster

There are many uses for a laptop motherboard.
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If you're like most computer geeks, chances are good you have a bunch of spare computer parts laying around. These components may have cost you quite a bit of money some time ago and are now obsolete, or maybe you got them for free and would hate to throw them in the trash bin. Regardless of how you acquired them, you probably want to do something with them. One useful part in particular is a laptop motherboard. If you happen to have one in your parts stash, you'll be amazed by what you can do with it.

Sell It

This may seem obvious, but many people simply do not realize how much their old computer parts are worth. This is especially true for old laptop motherboards, which can be quite valuable because notebook components are often hard to find. You could earn a fair bit of cash by selling your old motherboard on an online auction site or to a computer repair shop.

Spare Parts

Many motherboard components can be scrapped and reused.
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Chop shops aren't just for cars. If you enjoy tinkering with electronics, a motherboard contains a wealth of small parts that can be used for other projects. This includes capacitors and heat sinks.

Key Chain or Clock

One common past time in the computer world is to make key chains out of old computer parts, particular processors. Why not turn your motherboard into a decorative piece? Of course, you will probably want to cut it into smaller pieces first. Some hobbyists also use motherboards as bases for clocks. These tech-inspired pieces add unique flair to any office or bedroom.


Many programs now exist that will recycle old computer parts.
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If you can't find a use for your old laptop motherboard, the last thing you should do is throw it away. Computer components contain many compounds harmful to the environment, including lead and mercury. Why not cut Mother Earth a break and recycle the motherboard?