Is There a Way You Can Block Someone From Appearing on Your Facebook Chat?

By Aaron Wein

Block specific friends from showing up in your Chat sidebar on Facebook.
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The Facebook Chat sidebar allows you to send instant messages to anyone who is online. When opened, the sidebar displays a list of friends, usually people you are most in contact with or people who are currently logged in. Facebook gives you control of who can see and chat with you. For instance, you can block someone from ever appearing in your chat window. Not only does this remove the name from the sidebar, but it prevents that person from seeing that you are online.

Step 1

Log in to Facebook and click the "Chat" button at the lower right to open the sidebar. This sidebar may already be open depending on your settings.

Step 2

Click the gear-shaped button in the Chat sidebar.

Step 3

Click "Advanced Settings" to open a new window.

Step 4

Click "Turn on chat for all friends except."

Step 5

Click the text field and enter in the name of a person you want to block from appearing in the Chat sidebar. When the person's name appears in the drop-down list, click it to finish adding it to the exclusion list. Enter additional names if desired.

Step 6

Click "Save."