The Steps for Replacing New Cartridges in a Lexmark X5650

By Nick Davis

An all-in-one printer that enables you to fax documents as well as scan documents for sharing with clients and associates, your Lexmark X5650 contains two replaceable ink cartridges. The printer contains a single black ink cartridge and a single color cartridge. The cartridges are available directly from Lexmark and office supply stores. Your Lexmark X5650 automatically detects the new cartridges once you install them eliminating the need to inform your printer of the new cartridges.

Turn on your Lexmark X5650 printer, if it is off, and raise its top cover. The printer's cartridge carrier moves to the center position. Wear a pair of latex gloves to keep ink from getting on your hands. If wearing any loose jewelry, remove it immediately to keep it from falling into the printer or getting caught within the printer's assemblies.

Press down on the black or color cartridge carrier latch to release the cartridge. If replacing both cartridges, press down on both cartridge carrier latches. The cartridge carrier lids rises upward as do the cartridges. Lift the cartridges from the carrier and place the old cartridges on an old rag.

Open the new Lexmark 36 Black or Lexmark 37 Color cartridge and remove any packaging from the cartridge's bottom -- protective tapes wrapped around the back and bottom of the cartridge.

Place the black cartridge in the left cartridge carrier or the color cartridge in the right cartridge carrier until the cartridge snaps in place. Do the same to replace the other cartridge. Close the cartridge carrier lids. Close your Lexmark X5650's top door. A print alignment page prints automatically. Your printer is now ready to use.

Items you will need

  • Latex gloves

  • Old rag

  • Lexmark 36 Black cartridge or Lexmark 37 Color cartridge


The streaks that appear on the alignment page are normal.


When installing new cartridges, do not touch the gold contacts on the cartridges' body -- oil on your fingerprints can damage the contacts.