Texting a Verizon Customer From Gmail

By Alan Sembera

Many people text more than they talk on their cell phones.
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If you want to get a quick message to a friend who uses Verizon Wireless, but you don't necessarily want to talk to him, you can always send a text message to his cell phone using a program such as Gmail. It works just like sending a regular text, as long as you stick to the 160-character limit for text messaging. Your friend can even send a reply to your Gmail account.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account and click the "Compose" button to begin a new message.

Step 2

Address the email to the person's 10-digit number, without hyphens, followed by "@vtext.com." For example, if your friend's number is 888-555-7777, address the email to 888555777@vtext.com.

Step 3

Enter the subject of your message, optionally. Anything you put in the subject line will count toward the 160-character limit.

Step 4

Enter your message in the body of the email, keeping it to 160 characters. Both the subject line and your own email address will count against the character limit, so you'll have to keep it brief if you want everything to fit into one message. Send the email.