How to Get Text on Word to Be in a Block Style

By C. Taylor

Standardize the formatting of your document with custom Word styles.
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Microsoft Word 2013 offers several preset styles with which you can quickly format existing text by simply selecting the style from the Home tab. Unfortunately, a block text style is absent from this list. However, you can manually format text in block style using Word's Paragraph dialog. If you frequently repeat this format, consider creating a new style from the formatted text for quicker one-click application in the future.

Step 1

Triple-click the existing paragraph to select it or click-and-drag your mouse to highlight multiple paragraphs.

Step 2

Click the “Paragraph Settings” arrow at the bottom right of the Home tab’s Paragraph group.

Step 3

Click the “Alignment” drop-down menu and select “Justified.”

Step 4

Click the small arrows in the “Left” and “Right” fields of the Indentation section to increase the values. Both values should be the same, such as one or one-half inch.

Step 5

Click the “Line Spacing” drop-down menu and select “Single.”

Step 6

Click “OK” to format the selected text in block style. If you want to save this style, continue the procedure.

Step 7

Click the “More” arrow, located beneath the scroll arrows in the Home tab’s Styles group, and select “Create New Style.”

Step 8

Enter “Block Style” as the name and click “OK.” By default, the new style appears in the Styles group, so you can click it to apply the block style to any selected text.