Is It Free to Text Verizon to Verizon?

By Sarah Tuttle

Texting can be an efficient way to communicate. However, without the proper plan, texting charges can add up quickly.
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Texting between Verizon mobile customers is not free. However, Verizon customers can purchase a number of plans or bundles that provide them with unlimited texting between Verizon mobile phones. These plans, while they do cost upfront money, can severely cut down on the cost of text messages for those who text between Verizon phones quite often.

Mobile to Mobile

Mobile to Mobile is the name of Verizon's program that allows Verizon customers to talk and text at discounted rates to each other. Verizon customers can purchase plans or bundles that include Unlimited Mobile to Mobile texting, which ensures that no additional texting charges will be incurred for texting between Verizon mobile customers. Also under this program, texts between Verizon mobile customers will not count towards the total number of texts in a given plan or bundle.

Texting Bundles

For Verizon customers with a talk-only plan, there are two text bundles that include unlimited messaging between Verizon mobile phone customers. According to the Verizon website, the $10 per month text bundle includes 500 texts and unlimited mobile to mobile texting. The $20 per month text bundle includes 5,000 texts as well as unlimited mobile to mobile texting. The $5 per month text bundle does not include free texting between Verizon customers.

Unlimited Texting

Some plans that Verizon sells include unlimited texting. Unlimited texting means that there is no cap on the number of texts that a customer under that plan can send or receive. This is not the same as Mobile to Mobile, which is limited only to Verizon customers. Customers with a plan that includes unlimited texting can send any number of texts to a mobile customer under any network in the United States without incurring additional texting charges.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is different from texting, although the two are easily confused. Instant messaging involves sending messages through a program that is connected to the Internet, whereas texting is between two phones and requires no Internet connection. For Verizon customers, instant messaging is not included in the Mobile to Mobile program.