How to View Text Usage History on Sprint

By Kenyonda Bradley

Checking your text history can avoid overage charges on your bill.
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Checking your text message history is easy to accomplish with a Sprint account. "Texting" is the process of sending text messages to another cellular phone in the event that you do not want to make a phone call. It is easy to text, but the number of messages can add up quickly. Therefore, staying up to date on the number of texts that you send and receive can prevent you from accruing an expensive overage charge.

Access your Internet browser and visit (See resources.)

Sign into your Sprint account using your user name and password. If you do not have one, select the link "Sign up today," located at the bottom of the sign-up box.

Scroll down to the "About Devices" section once you access your "My Sprint" page.

Select the "Text" icon. Information about your text usage will populate, including the number of texts sent and received and how many you have left in your plan. To switch between months, select the "Statement" tab located on your usage screen to view the previous month's history.