How to Text Someone From Facebook

By Carolyn Luck

Text on the go without even opening the Facebook app.
i Baerbel Schmidt/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Facebook Mobile Text is a feature that enables members to receive messages, notifications and other application content via text message using the mobile phone number of their choice. The only catch is that for two members to exchange messages via SMS text, both must first turn on and activate the feature from their Facebook accounts. You’re not actually pushing messages to friends via text; it’s more like they are pulling them from their inboxes via text notification. The feature is customizable, enabling members to set daily limits and designate the types of messages they want to receive.

About Facebook Mobile Texts

Once turned on, Facebook Mobile Texts enables members to communicate in real time via text messages through the Facebook platform. This allows friends to exchange texts when they’re away from their computers. Messages are automatically saved in each member’s chat history where they’re filed neatly in chronological order with all Facebook communication, including desktop chat and inbox messages. There is no charge for this feature other than the fees assessed by a wireless provider as part of a mobile contract.


Members must activate Facebook Mobile Texts before you can text them from Facebook. To activate, click the gear-shaped settings icon in the upper-right corner of any page and select the “Account Settings” option. Select the “Mobile” tab in the left side panel, and click the “+ Add a Phone” button on the resulting page. Follow prompts to select your wireless carrier, send an activation request to Facebook via text and enter your received confirmation code. On the Mobile Settings page, adjust the Facebook Messages settings for the Text Me section. Opt to receive text messages from Facebook when someone sends you messages via Web, mobile or both, and set a daily text limit. You can also see your post-by-email address on this page. Members who do not activate Facebook Mobile Texts cannot send or receive messages via text, but can do so using their Facebook inbox or via email.

Sending Text Messages

Assuming the recipient has activated Facebook Mobile Texts, sending a text message through Facebook is no different than sending a chat or inbox message. The difference is in the way Facebook delivers the message. Click the dialog box-shaped icon in the upper-left corner of any page and select either the “Send a New Message” or “See All” option, or select an ongoing conversation from the list. Type your message in the space provided in the “Write a Reply” box and click the “Reply” button on a desktop computer or “Send” if using a Facebook Mobile app on a mobile device. If activated, the recipient will receive your message via text. Messages exchanged between members who’ve activated the text feature are received via text and stored in chat history as inbox messages.

Additional Considerations

The Mobile Settings page has options for you to add, delete and edit mobile phone numbers. The “Remove,” “+ Add Another Mobile Phone Number” and “Lose Your Phone?” options enable you to manage the phone numbers you have linked to your Facebook account. Aside from receiving texts for messages received from friends, you can request text message notifications for Facebook applications. For example, you can request text notifications when people tag you in posts, send friend requests, participate in your groups and other types of activity. Manage text, email and on-site notifications by clicking the “Notifications” tab in the left side panel of your General Account Settings page.