How to Text & E-mail on a Nintendo DS (8 Steps)

By Alexander Poirier

IPod touches are optimized for wireless connection, not 3G data transfer.
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The Nintendo DS handheld gaming system allows users to play games on the go either by themselves or via local and online multiplayer. The device also has a number of communication features that allow users to send text messages between DS systems and even send e-mails. If you wish to send a text message or e-mail with your DS system, you can do so in a few simple steps.

Text Messages

Step 1

Turn on the DS system and tap the "Pictochat" icon. On the "Pictochat" menu, tap the chat room you wish to enter. Instruct the DS user that you wish to send the text message to enter the same chat room.

Step 2

Tap the letters on the touch screen keyboard to enter the text message.

Step 3

Click the "Send" button to send the text message to the other DS user in the chat room.


Step 1

Insert the Nintendo DS Web Browser cartridge and the RAM cartridge that came bundled with it into the DS system and turn the system on. Tap the Nintendo DS Web Browser icon to launch the browser.

Step 2

Click the "Nintendo WFC" icon, followed by the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings" icon. Tap the "Connection 1" icon, followed by the "Search for an Access Point" option.

Step 3

Select the wireless network you wish to connect to when prompted. Enter the WEP security code for the wireless connection if necessary to finish connecting to the access point.

Step 4

Use the touch screen keyboard to enter the Web address of your e-mail provider in the browser's address bar. Once the page has loaded, type your e-mail account login information in the spaces provided and log in to your e-mail account.

Step 5

Tap the "New" or "Compose" option, depending on your email provider, and enter the e-mail address for the recipient in the space provided. Type the e-mail message you wish to send in the space provided. Click "Send" to send the e-mail message.