How to Text China From the USA on Your Mobile Phone

By Amy Scott

Sending a text message to China requires a country code.
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Sending a text message to China from your mobile phone in the USA requires a few extra steps to make sure it reaches its faraway destination. In order to have your text go through properly, you first need to enter 011 for an international call, then the country code for China, then the rest of the destination phone number. Your USA mobile phone will also have to be on a plan that allows it to text internationally.

Step 1

Open your text messaging option on your phone and compose the text you would like to send as usual.

Step 2

Move your cursor to the "Send" address field to enter the destination number. If you are on an older or more simple phone, you may have to select the "Send" option before a field is displayed.

Step 3

Type in 011. This indicates that the text will be sent internationally. Type in 86. This is the country code for China. Type in the Chinese phone number to which you want to send the text. Keep in mind that Chinese numbers are 10-11 digits long. The entire number should look like: 01186xxxxxxxxxx

Step 4

Press the "Send" button to send the text message to its recipient in China.