How to Text Cheaply From the Philippines to the U.S.

by Christell York
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Text-messaging or Short Message Service (SMS) is the exchange of brief messages between two mobile phones. Sending international text messages between the Philippines and the United States is assessed a fee that varies from mobile provider to provider. There are a number of online providers that allow the exchange of text messages internationally for free. These text messages are spam free and do not require downloading.

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Navigate the txt2day website and enter the recipient's 10-digit mobile phone number. Add your email address, if desired. Click the drop-down arrow and select the recipient's mobile phone provider and your message in the "Text Message" field. Txt2day allows you to send free messages up to 140 characters. Click "Send It!" to deliver your message.

Step 2

Navigate to the SendSMSNow website and select "USA" from the "Select Country" drop-down list and enter the recipient's 10-digit mobile phone number. Enter your phone number or name and your message. SendSMSNow has a text limit of 130 characters or fewer. Click "Send SMS" to deliver your message.

Navigate to the txtDrop website and enter your name or phone number in the "From" field, and the recipient's 10-digit number in the "To" field. Select the recipient's mobile phone carrier from the "Carrier" drop-down list. Enter your message and click "Send." TxtDrop does not have a message limit and allows you to send pictures along with your text message.


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