Testing Download Speeds

by Quinten Plummer

Getting slow download speeds or lagging in online games? A simple online speed test will let you know if your connection is simply slow or if you have other problem. Read on to find out how to test the speed of your connection.

Click on the nearest server for optimal speed testing.

Take an online speed test. Go to SpeedTest.net (see Resources). After the graphics have loaded, click on the "server pyramid" closest to your location. The pyramid in yellow is the location the site recommends due to its vicinity to your location.

Allow a few seconds for the test to run. The test will send a signal from your computer to the test server and the test server will send a response back to your computer. The speed test will gauge how fast your connection took to send and receive.

View the results to your test in the bottom right of the window. Your download speed will be located beside the arrow pointing down and your upload speed will be by the arrow pointing up. The result will be displayed in kilobytes; most internet service providers classify speeds in megabytes (roughly 1,000 kilobytes).

Log into your modem. Type into the Address bar of Internet Explorer and click "Go." View the upload and download speeds on the "Modem Config" page.

Call the tech support number of your Internet service provider and have a tech run a test on your line. The tech will ping your house from a nearby server to gauge your upload and download speed.


  • check Compare your results with other speed tests or try the same test again but using a different server location.

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